The travel bug

Problems with the travel bug

Complaining about travelling or getting the travel bug should be banned. I can moan about anything though so this will only be a short one. They say you should put personal ideas into your blog to engage with your readers. … Continue reading “Problems with the travel bug”

Killing chickens in Phong Nha

Killing chickens in Phong Nha

I’m sorry for any of my Vegan or Vegetarian friends out there. A story about the bar with cold beer and killing chickens in Phong nha isn’t forgotten easily. This isn’t the most pleasant story either, but it is one … Continue reading “Killing chickens in Phong Nha”

hunting the Komodo dragon

Hunting the Komodo Dragon

Lets start off by saying obviously didn’t go hunting the Komodo dragon, but it sounds a whole lot cooler than searching or discovering which I’ve used  already. Plus with the size and speed these animals can move at, I would … Continue reading “Hunting the Komodo Dragon”