honest guide to ADE

An honest guide to ADE-Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE is one of the worlds stand out electronic music events held in arguably one of the most party-friendly locations in the world it is no wonder it has grown in attendance and magnitude year on year. You might wonder … Continue reading “An honest guide to ADE-Amsterdam Dance Event”

San Juan Chamula

San Juan Chamula and the Mexican chicken sacrifice

This might sound far more sinister than it is but Mexican chicken sacrifices aren’t all treat common, I only saw it in San Juan Chamula. I had forgotten about this day trip until I was writing about my experiences in … Continue reading “San Juan Chamula and the Mexican chicken sacrifice”

The travel bug

Problems with the travel bug

Complaining about travelling or getting the travel bug should be banned. I can moan about anything though so this will only be a short one. They say you should put personal ideas into your blog to engage with your readers. … Continue reading “Problems with the travel bug”

Wolfe Tones grave site

Wolfe Tones grave site

Theobald Wolfe Tone is regarded as one of the founders of Irish republicanism and a very prominent individual in Irish history. Republicanism in Ireland is widely seen as the use of force to drive British rule and government out of Ireland. … Continue reading “Wolfe Tones grave site”