Touring Pablo Escobar’s Guatape mansion

As one of the most infamous criminals in history, Pablo Escobar definitely left his mark on the world and particularly in Colombia his native country. Here he isn’t glorified or remembered in the same light that he is in other parts of the world. This is because of how he caused mayhem for years, while at the height of his power. Around his infamy has grown a huge tourist market, this is my look at Escobar’s Guatape mansion.

Touring Escobars Guatape mansion

Another thing which he did was buy and build hundreds of properties, this was to both launder money and flaunt his wealth. Many have been taken back by the government or destroyed, while others came to be owned by former employees such as Escobar’s Guatape mansion. Located about two hours south of Medellin Guatape is a popular place for visitors and tourist due to its beauty from a man-made lake. It seems Pablo Escobar liked the area also and had a number of houses built for friends and family.

How to visit Escobar’s Guatape mansion:

Stunning Guatape

Escobar’s Guatape mansion is infamous for providing paint-balling on the grounds and this definitely works in attracting backpackers and tourists. There are two ways to book a trip, one through your hostel in Medellin or in Gautape itself if you are spending a few nights. As we were staying in Guatape we asked our receptionist and he directed us to a local shop.

Side note: Don’t ask locals on the street as they are not particularly happy about these tours.

From memory, it didn’t cost a whole lot. The ticket included transport, lunch, all the gear you would need and a tour, so a pretty good bargain. If you come from Medellin your transport will be provided from there but at a little extra cost.

If you just want to visit the grounds this is possible also, but really almost everyone gets involved in the paint-balling.

The visit:

Escobar's Guatape mansion
Having a wander inside the house

In the morning you meet at a replica town, the original was swallowed by the lake. Then everyone jumps into or on top of a couple of 4×4 jeeps and you head into the hills to discover one of Escobar’s Gautape mansion.

The grounds are huge and contain the mansion itself, stables, a guesthouse and bar located right next to the lake. Here you meet his former gardener, who somehow managed to get ownership of the property and then you take a tour of the grounds.

The guide was brilliant and gave you a good insight into Escobar’s life and the history of the mansion. Why he choose the location, other houses he built in the area and how he hid money in the walls and floors of all his buildings.

He then discusses how the building was bombed and left to rot for a number of years. It was very detailed and I enjoyed this as much as the games.


Escobar's Guatape mansion
Gearing up for some paint-balling

The teams were split into opposing cartels the Medellin vs. the Cali cartel. Following this, we were told about the different games we would play and the rules. The games went on for about two hours.

You don’t actually paintball in Escobars Guatape mansion as it is too unstable (Bombs do that). Instead, we played between the guest house and stables. It was incredibly fun, besides a few headshots.

Also, don’t be like me and conserve your bullets. I didn’t keep track of the time and had far too many lefts at the end of the game. Afterwards, you have lunch in the former party bar and then take a boat from the docks back to Guatape.


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Have you been? What did you think?


  1. This is so cool I never knew you could do this!

    1. Now you know and can do it yourself 🙂

  2. It definitely sounds like something to experience when in Colombia. Thanks for sharing! I did not know you can actually tour Escobar’s villa, let alone doing paintball.

    1. He had hundreds of homes so there are quite a few places that you can check out belonged to him, his most famous house is now a Zoo.

  3. No way! Had no idea you could do this or that his mansions were bombed. It would be awesome if you could remember a price and hook us up with a few links!

    1. No links available unfortunately as its in a grey area legally. i’ll check through my travel diary, I’m sure I wrote the exact price down somewhere.

  4. The story about Escobar is very entertaining, always like to read about it.

    1. Yeah it’s pretty unique.

  5. hahaha this is just awesome. My boyfriend will flip when he sees this! He is really into Pablo’s story.

    1. Yeah it is definitely one of the funnier things I have done. If he goes to Colombia, he will find a lot just don’t ask questions to loudly :/

  6. So interesting and worth knowing about, thanks for sharing!

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