Started again

Why I’ve started again:

Some of you may know and many of you won’t, but this is my second attempt at a blog. The first had a lot of issues including a stolen laptop, but that is for another story. I wanted to list here my reasons for making another attempt, both for myself and anyone else who gets confused by their own actions.

I definitely need sun glasses

I was never very fond of personal writing, I enjoy reading peoples stories and ideas, but never really my own. But I have begun to enjoy it and on my last trip I even started a hand written journal. It’s not very detailed and I forget about it a lot but it is a good way to keep track of where I’ve been and what I  was doing. I’m still not very sure why I’ve started again but I have a few ideas:

To make money:

Ever since I began reading blogs around 2013 I have been intrigued as to how these people can afford to travel for so long and to such exotic places. I noticed I had done a lot of similar activities and jobs as the people I was reading about and nobody seemed to have a magic formula, they all started a blog and it developed from there.

So if they can do it, then why not me. As my first attempt went awful I’m hoping attempt two will have  a little more to offer.

I’m learning:

I was never a computer genius and my knowledge kind of ceased at office word and anything related to when i was in college. For a few years since I didn’t have a laptop and relied on my phone.

Beginning a blog opens up the potential for a lot more learning and understanding of how websites work and develop. Although it can be frustrating having to try things over and over again, there is always a little delight when I manage to upload something correctly.

It’s keeping me busy:

I’ve never been good at dealing with boredom, I like to be active either in work or for leisure. At the moment I’m a little confused about my wok and life situation in general. writing online and playing around with my blog helps keep me occupied and focused on at least one small project every evening. If noting comes out of it at least I’ve not sat around watching Netflix constantly. Although sometimes that’s a good idea to.

Although there are a dozen other reasons swirling about my head, at the moment I think these are probably my main reasons.

What are some of your reasons for attempting a blog? or even better why are you reading mine?