Name photograph

Why the name?

Well most people seem to use a version of their name in the title, I suppose it gives a sense of ownership and a personal touch and mines quite similar. Dolly is a pretty unique surname so I needed something catchy.

But, there are a few other famous Dolly’s so my name kind of gets lost in the mix between Dolly Parton and the cloned sheep. If I got anywhere near as popular as either of those two I would be quite a happy blogger.

Quest is fairly dramatic and I kind of though of it on a whim and had the name bought and paid for before I thought it through. Now that I have it I might as well keep it, I’m frivolous so I can at least make my blog seem quite epic and impressive just from the title. If people are still interested after reading a few of my mundane posts then the title definitely helped.

I suppose the name correlates with my plans and what I hope to do, its not a journey or an excursion as they seem to have endings. Quests to me seem like they would be longer and more adventurous and hopefully this blog can show some of those stories.