New York

Going hungry in New York for 24 hours.

What would you do if you only had 24 hours in one of the busiest most amazing cities in the world?

Run around like a crazy person trying to experience as much as possible in the short time you had?

Well that’s exactly what i done a on my first and definitely not last visit to the Big Apple.

Due to my short time in the North East of the USA, many of my visits were rushed, but with a little pre-planning anything is possible. Especially if you don’t eat to much ( My sister thinks anyone that travels like I do must not eat to much, in this case she was correct).

So what did I get up to?

In those  24 hours, well I saw probably as many amazing buildings, parks and landmarks as possible. I began in the Empire state building and worked my way south, through Time square, down 5th Avenue and  then on to the World trade one building.

Empire state building
Checking out 5th Avenue, I think!

Side note- A two and a half hour wait in the Empire state building is definitely worth it for the amazing views of the city. I didn’t have to spend to long on top when I was there, as I was by myself and nobody was tracking my picture quality or how awe struck I was feeling, it was cool to just dash out.( The benefits of solo travel).

I checked out Wall St. and then headed for the Staten island ferry, I knew if was free from checking it online beforehand. What better picture can you have than the New York skyline at night.

I got a beer aboard the boat and said hi to Lady liberty. Once we completed the loop I decided it was time to grab a Hot-Dog. As my only meal in New York it was absolutely disgusting, the vendors might be nice, but their food is not.

Naked cowboy
The naked Cowboy singing to Trump

Not to worry though, a little while later I had taken the Subway to Union station to meet a friend . In just a few hours I covered some serious ground, but i was tired and overwhelmed with the city. This place has double the entire population of Ireland and its the US  so everything is larger than life and in your face.

New York graffiti
Some art at the Brooklyn Chronicle.

The second day:

While waiting I stumbled across a Rap cipher, I’d never even heard of one, but its when a group of people randomly start rapping to some boom-box music. It was impressive and a highlight of the trip, always the unexpected, right?

After crashing in my friends I checked out Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn chronicle and finally Central park with a little bit of the naked cowboy thrown in. Overall an epic day 24 hours, even if I was tired and a little hungry.

So have you gone hungry to see that sights you wanted to see? What are your New York experiences?

*Please note my friend did offer me food, but I was definitely more in need of a bed.