Ireland flag

Why a section for Ireland?


So why, on a ‘travel’ blog would I dedicate a whole section to Ireland?

Maybe nobody will ask this, but I will write it anyway.

Well it is where I’m from and where I know the most about, I hope. I can write about my experiences and things that happened along my travels in other countries, but I will never have the same connection I do with people from Ireland.

This might sound odd as I have done my best to avoid it for the past few years, but at the end of the day it is home or was, or who knows.

Obviously I am no expert on anywhere in particular, but I think I have a good knowledge of Irish history, politics and culture and this gives me the opportunity to write more informative article on different aspects of Ireland. Hopefully it will provide people with some random facts and information about places and people.

It will possibly inspire you to visit places in Ireland you may have overlooked.

Many people including me forget how fun and unique our on countries can be. That doesn’t stop the rain or cold or me complaining but I’m trying to justify this post to myself as well. (That’s sarcasm by the way)

I will try to keep my posts interesting, for people from Ireland and abroad. Although I have only been home for short stints since 2013 I will try keep everything up to date

If it’s history related obviously this is impossible, unless new facts emerge.

Finally, it is somewhere I can practice my writing and maybe engage with people who’s interest Ireland. Some people just aren’t interested in other places that I might write about.