tricks in Las Vegas

A few tricks for Las Vegas

Is it possible to do Las Vegas cheaply and is it worth it?

The answer to this is yes and yes.

No this is not a post about card counting or any other tricks.

Las Vegas is an absolutely surreal place, you can do pretty much whatever you want, as long as you have the budget. Obviously being on a J1 working holiday visa me and my friends weren’t exactly flush with cash, but we still made it work.

There are a few things that you can do on any budget that will save you a little or a lot . This won’t stop you from having fun as that is impossible in Las Vegas. Some things may be frowned upon but none are illegal so it’s all good.

Las Vegas
Being classy outside the Bellagio

Some tricks for Las Vegas:

  • Be a women-(Promo guys will get you into a ton of places for free, sorry guys but we are shit out of luck).
  • Don’t gamble-(This is pretty obvious, then you won’t have a chance of losing).
  • Gamble a little-(Once you are playing a slot machine you can order drinks from the bar for free as long as you tip).
  • Maximize your room-(This can be tricky with security but the rooms in Las Vegas are huge, we managed nine in a room for five days).
  • Buy beer for the room-(A bath-tube full of ice and a few crates of beer will save you time and money).
  • Only buy tickets from legit retailers-(There are so many people trying to sell shit on the streets it gets a little annoying).

    Las Vegas
    Pretending to be ballers at 55 stories up.
  • Get a free limo ride-(Tell the strip club promo guy you want a free limo ride to the club and then simply get a taxi back).
  • Check out deals online-(I’m pretty sure we used this site. We got to see Jazzy Jeff 555 stories above Las Vegas for $50).

There are a lot of other tricks for Las Vegas, but these you’ll have to find somewhere else. None of the above will get you into trouble in Las Vegas (I think). Everyone is to busy making and losing money to care about a few ways to save money on your trip.

How have you saved so money on your trips?