My top four things to do in Bali

Bali,the beautiful island in Indonesia has two very different faces. It is either the Asia that you imagined from all your guide books  or it is the party destination you heard about in Australia or while backpacking the rest of Asia. The truth is, it is a beautiful mix of both and you can either combine these two or choose which one you would prefer. Due to this everyone has their ideas of the best things to do in Bali, I am no exception.

It was my first stop in Asia and I absolutely loved the place, my only problem was, my expectations for the rest of Asia were now very very high.

This is my pick of the top things to do In Bali.

Climbing Mt.Batur:

Me and our guide a top mount Batur.
Note:I’m the taller one

I had never seen a Volcano, so having the opportunity to climb one on the second day of my tip to Asia trip was an easy choice. Even though it was a 4.00am start I thought I could leave off the partying for a little longer. This would be one of the first things to tick off my extensive bucket-list.

With it being dormant for over a century there wasn’t to much risk involved besides the odd slip on some Volcanic rock. The walk definitely warmed us up but waiting around for the sunrise was definitely much colder than I would have liked. The views were most definitely worth it, but have since be surpassed by Guatemala. Next up is probably one of the best things to do in the world and not just one of the things to do in Bali

Searching for the Komodo Dragons:

Ok, technically not on Bali, but I did depart from here to find these amazing creatures on the islands on Rinka and Komodo. This was much cheaper than I expected, although we did get what we paid for. I’m going to have a separate post detailing this adventure.

If you would like to read about how one blogger ended up ship wrecked on a similar trip, check this out.

Discovering the Rice terraces of Ubud.

things to do in Bali
Lunch with a view

Although they aren’t the famous Tegallalang terraces which are advertised all over Ubud, these smaller ones were equally as beautiful. They were also definitely the cause of my

‘wow! I’m in Asia’

moment. I love strolling around new places when I arrive especially if I am there for a few days. You get your barings and discover some pretty cool places along the way. I discovered a ton of temples and the monkey forest in this way. But these rice terraces were definitely the best bit I came across.

Following random paths and signs, I walked away from the village and ended up in a huge open field made up of rice paddies stretching as far as I could see. The fields were dotted with locals tending to their crops and oddly and annoyingly enough for me, Yoga retreats. These I will go into another time, but cultural appropriation comes to mind.

I have no idea if the area was visited by tourist who weren’t doing Yoga. The didn’t seem to pass much notice and with view,s like the above picture, for lunch who could blame them.

Partying on Gili-T

Island life

Outside of Kuta this is where Ozzies come to get loose after exams or any other excuse they need. Along with the Ozzies are tons of backpackers and holiday makers. Gili-T is the largest of three islands of the coast of Bali. Without an active police force it has become a destination to party and unwind. There are no vehicles on the island so you can walk, rent a bike or use some very unfortunate horses for transport. The one street of bars, clubs and accommodation isn’t very long, making it quite easy to navigate.

I spent about five days here and enjoyed every minute of it even though it was low season. Each night different clubs hosted the main party for the night meaning you got to see and experience different bars/clubs. During the day it was chill-out mood made up of sunbathing or snorkeling in the crystal clear water. I’m sure during high season this place has a completely different vibe that is still amazing.

Although I’ve only listed my top four things to do in Bali there is so much. But for only twelve days I think I squeezed in quite a lot. Probably a little to rushed, but I’m sure I will return some time to do the rest.

 What are your top things to do Bali?