2018-June monthly Review

2018-June Monthly review

Hey and welcome to my first monthly Review of 2018. I know starting monthly reviews in the middle of the year is stupid, but I have been extremely lax with my blog and so I have only written a few articles this year. Starting with this June monthly review will at least hold me into account and make sure I write at least one article a month, hopefully.

In these reviews, I will detail some of the places I visit and what I have gotten up to. I hope later to include an income and expenditure report, so I can track my own progress and show people how I manage to afford to get around and visiting the places that I do. For my first one, I am going to break it down into categories and see if that template works with you guys.

June monthly review:

Huanchaco, Peru 01/07/2018


  • After just over five months travelling around South America, I finally booked flights back to Europe on the 10th of July.
  • I decided to get another tattoo, which you will probably see in my pictures.
  • I may have waited five months, but I decided once again to get serious with my blog.
  • While working on the blog I aim to start making more money online, I made a little on this trip but not enough to allow me to travel and work at the same time.

Travel and adventures:

Places visited:

  • Cusco:                                                                                                                             The tourism capital of Peru and a beautiful city in the Southwest of the country. Cusco is the starting point for adventures too numerous Incan locations, rainbow mountain, sacred valley and a host of other places. I was in the city for a total of two weeks. While I was here I volunteered in Loki hostel and used my free time to recover from a cold and party. They don’t go hand in hand, but I survived so it was all good.
June monthly review
Some of Cusco’s great views
  • Machu Picchu:                                                                                                                    This incredible location deserves its own post but like every other blogger in South America has covered it I’ll just use this little piece and my pictures. I was always drawn to visiting this site and I have no idea why. Did it live up to expectations? Yes and No. I didn’t get to wow factor I was expecting but I believe this is due to the amazing time I was having already and because I had built it up too much in my head. I and my friends did this trip on a far cheaper semi-self-guided way as we wanted to save money and I was far too lazy to hike for four days.
  • Rainbow mountain:                                                                                                              This is an easy day trip from Cusco, leaving around 4.00am and getting back at about 6.00pm. The hike itself is quite easy, but the altitude does take its toll especially near the summit. The crowds were a bit of a pain, but I managed to get a few good pictures before making my way down. Definitely worth it and easy to organise through any of the 100’s of agencies in Cusco. Just make sure it is not snowing otherwise you won’t get to see much at all. There was some snow when I was there, but it added to the scenery rather than take away from it, luckily enough for me.
June monthly review
Rainbow mountain circa.2018
  • Ica/Huacachina:                                                                                                                     These two locations can be combined as there is not much between them and everyone only goes to Ica to get to Huacachina. This is the desert oasis in Peru you may have seen in pictures of before. It is also the location where many people go sandboarding and dune bugging. The tours are easy to organise yourself once you get a taxi to Huacachina or better yet if you are staying in the oasis already. The two-hour tour is brilliant fun if you like roller coasters that are. The drivers are crazy but that’s why it is so fun. Ica itself doesn’t really have much to offer except that it is cheaper that Huacachina for food and accommodation. Two days here is enough and from there you can head throughout the country.
June monthly review
Mad Maxing it in Peru
  • Paracas                                                                                                                                 This town is a simple day trip from Ica. The town itself looked nice but we were here to visit the group of islands and the national park in the area. It was a tour we booked through the hostel and included all the entrance fees etc. Islas Ballestas are a group of islands marketed as the poor man’s Galapagos. It was nothing like the Galapagos and the national park was a waste of time. It wasn’t the worst excursion I have been on. That was because it was cheap, otherwise, it was tame. If you have seen seals and birds and aren’t a fan of rocks then skip this and go somewhere else.
June monthly review
Paracas beaches
  • Huanchaco:                                                                                                                                  The little beach town where I am currently. This is a surf town but one that is overshadowed by its bigger neighbour Mancora. I’m not a surfer and I’m a bad swimmer but this is a nice little town to unwind in. After a few weeks working in the Wild Rover and Loki, it’s exactly what I needed. Now I have the chance to write some articles and do all the adult stuff I have avoided for the last few months. If you get too bored looking at the waves, then visit Chan Chan or another historic site is an option. Being Peru you’re never too far away from some ancient civilisation.


Since I haven’t kept track of everything I will leave this one black for now.

What next:

  • Madrid on the 10th of July.
  • From Spain to Belgium via France
  • Tomorrowland on 27th/28th/29th July.
  • Maybe return to Ireland.
  • Post an article per week starting with this one.
  • Make some more dollars online.

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June monthly review


  1. Cusco is pretty darn fun Eoin. I did a week there in 2013. Kind folks and what stunning views. Like you’re on the top of the world.

    1. Exactly my thoughts as well. I will definitely make my way back there someday, still plenty to see and do.

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