About me

2 weeks in Peru
           Zoolander meets Colca Canyon

Hey and welcome to my little space on the internet. Firstly my name is Eoin it’s the same as Owen but Irish.

I am an Irish guy who had plans of finishing college and getting a career. That’s not exactly what happened. I have lived and worked in over 30 countries since 2013. 

During this time I fell in love with the idea of working online and staying away from office life. 

I have had some minor successes and a lot of failures but I am still here. This blog is here to showcase my travels and my attempts to complete unspecified goals.

I don’t have the aspiration to visit every country in the world or be insta-famous but I do want to earn enough money online so that I can enjoy travelling without always having to stop and work shitty jobs to go again.

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