Amazing Irish Online personalities to follow in 2019

When I returned from South America in August 2018, my aim was to work on this blog and try to build an online business. This is so I can work remotely and annoy everyone on Instagram. While I haven’t been consistent and like everything it has it’s ups and downs, I have made some connections and got some business coming my way. As I go into 2019 I will continue on this path and see where it leads.

While I have been doing this I have connected with a few Irish bloggers and online business owners. They have inspired me and made me envious, both with their travels and with the business they have managed to create along the way. Whenever I am lacking some motivation, seeing a post from one of the people below helps get me back on track. Some of these people I have only recently discovered and others are pretty well known. So without further ado here is my list of bloggers and online business personalities that are worth watching in 2019.

Niamh O’Sullivan AKA the

Niamh like me is a Kildare native and began her blog to showcase to friends and family her life in New York City. I’m pretty sure I discovered Niamh through her Instagram account as we have a bunch of friends in common.

I was curious as to what she blogged about and it is all things fashion, lifestyle and wellness. Her Instagram though is where its really at. She showcases new styles, cooking recipes and the latest events in Dublin.

Although I would definitely not consider myself a fashion expert she seems to be really engaged with her audience and knows what they want to see. Definitely cool to see someone from so close to home making the blog world work for them.

Tara Povey – Where is Tara blog


If you ever want to see the colourful side of travel then look no further than Taras Instagram account. Although she does have the tropical beach pictures and turquoise waters in her feed I find it is her city snaps and urban life pictures which are the best. She has an eye for colours and it’s a great way to brighten up your day by checking out her feed.

On top of that, she has a brilliant blog with tons of travel tips for females and couples. She seems to have been in the US a lot lately so you can check out some of her latest posts detailing how to spend your time there.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Tara yet, but she is one of the few people from this list that I have had contact with. She has given me some solid pointers on writing blogs and is one of the nicest people I have encountered from the blogging world.

Will Meara- Ready for Road

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A lot of people have been asking me why I’m not traveling at the moment. Very simple really, but it’s primarily for two reasons: 1 – Traveling isn’t free. Although many have opted for a life of earning on the road blogging, crypto, affiliate marketing and other bits. For me I like to be completely free as much as possible. I do work a little while away but it’s usually where I park up somewhere for a while. 2 – However, the main reason is that the events company I started with two friends of mine when we did one harebrained event a month has spiraled into an international behemoth with amazing potential. Many would kill for the chance to build something like this and so my focus is here in Dublin for a while. There is travel on the cards, but not until 2019. Pakistan will always be my yearly pilgrimage too! . It’s good to be home for a while and people I’ve met on my travels all over the world are coming to meet me. Now it’s my turn to host some wonderful folks. . . . . #travel #pakistan #dublin #backpacking #travelblogger #irishblogger #irish #irishman #gilgitbaltistan #passportheavy #traveldudes #panoramapakistan #travelenvy #wanderlust

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Will is I guy I came across a few years ago on Instagram and recently re-discovered. I remember following his Instagram and blog and trying to figure out how he sustains himself, travelling for long periods of time to some of the craziest places on each including Pakistan and N.Korea.

From snooping and research (You can see why I don’t get blogs out too often) I found he has a few means to this. Some of this might be a little dated, but he’s a writer, has a blog, creates events in Dublin with the largest being Bingo Loco and he also owns a hostel in Cambodia.

I’m pretty sure we are close to the same age and to say I’m a little envious would be a slight understatement. The guy clearly has his head screwed on and a lot of energy. The videos from some of the parties he throws made me tired.

Definitely an inspiring guy and it goes to show that you can multi-task and be successful. I may have cheated as his business is not entirely online but he most definitely deserves a mention.

Derek Cullen-Microadventureworld

Derek is another blogger I discovered in the past year. I came across Derek as I researched online writing gigs (as I discovered it is one route to go down in order to work online). That being said my writing isn’t all that great as you have probably discovered. Anyway, I found Derek’s blog and facebook page to be full of positivity and struggles.

He has undergone two huge expeditions in recent years. Cycling through Africa a few years back and most recently he completed the pacific crest trail which is a hike from the Mexican to the Canadian border.

Following his videos, as he travelled solo in the wilderness was incredible. Probably not something I could do myself. Since he’s finished he is working on the next big adventure and getting his business back on its feet.

Carlo Cretaro and Florence Murphy Nextstopwhoknows

This couple is probably the least active bloggers I have come across. But they don’t need to be as they have developed [ed an online business model that has given them the freedom they were searching for.

I started following these guys in early 2016 when I started my first blog. The lie will above I was curious to find out how they got started as they didn’t seem to blog a whole lot. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to give me some brilliant pointers on how to get an online business off the ground. There was no magic bullet BS but a lot of hard work and learning.

Their help is what has allowed me to make some income online. But like I said I haven’t been constant and I didn’t take all the help and advice that they gave me onboard which of course means I am not the level I want to be but There advice still stands.

At the moment they are making their way through Central America so if you want some inspiration on how to travel as a couple and get work done on the road check out their Facebook stories. I haven’t actually found them on Instagram just yet.

JohnnyWard- OneStep4Ward

Definitely the biggest name on this list and one of the most successful bloggers I have followed for years. He’s created multiple online businesses, travelled to every country in the world, set up a charity and is now one the way to climb the worlds 7 highest peaks.

I’m pretty sure it was his blog which inspired me to start writing and it was his which showed me the whole online business world. When I was stuck teaching in South Korea I would read his blog and a few others and get inspired to travel to obscure countries around the world.

Follow his social media and blog for incredible stories of travel, business and inspiration. Oh, and his mother also has a blog and had visited countries such as Afghanistan with Johnny.

Janet Newham-Journalist on the run

Janet is definitely a blogger to watch as she has been going on some incredible trips in recent years. She has a brilliant way of detailing travel plans, showing the best places to visit and how to get around with ease.

Her blog is quite a few years old but only in 2016 did she put real focus into making it a business and this success can be seen in how popular her blog and social media profiles are. With a few other niche blogs under her belt, a new found love for video and friendly character I love seeing a new post from Janet. On top of that, she is very active in a number of blogger groups I am also in, giving guidance on writing, increasing readership and turning blogs into successes.

Helpful people are always great, but Irish people are better.

Rob Lipsett



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What’s your dream car? 🐂

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Just like fashion, I would not be overly into my fitness but this is where Rob Lipsett has found his market and calling. I have never been much into yYoutubers, as blogging is where I decided to look for my audience.

I found Rob by looking up popular social media personalities and he seems to be pretty on the ball with his business and social media presence. He has a fitness app, successful social media profiles, a stake in a gym and a ton of sponsorship deals.

Again another guy who is the same age as me and who has turned his passion into a business. I’m not sure if I could deal with the huge invasion into my private life that being on the camera constantly brings. He has a knack for it and had started to help other content creators make their mark through their chosen paths. Definitely, a good businessman who enjoys lifting weights.