August Monthly review: The ups, downs and in-betweens of starting out as a freelancer

Well, that was another fast month. This August monthly review will be a little different as I haven’t done a whole lot in the way of travelling, or anything particularly exciting besides getting in one day at an Irish music festival. If you would like to see what I did in July, check this out. Besides that, the furthest I have gone is my local town on a few nights and to do some bank stuff, Woow!

So this post is more of a diary entry on what I have been doing and some insights into being a ‘freelancer’. I put that in brackets as I wouldn’t call myself one just yet.

Trying my hand at Freelancing:

But I have been keeping busy trying to get a freelance business/project off the ground. It’s ever so slightly more frustrating than I than I thought it would be. Its also not exactly the first time I have tried this, I got semi-started with my first bog and laptop, both of which stopped soon after I got robbed in Mexico on my first trip to the Americas. My second attempt was last summer when I came home, I got a laptop, started this blog and got into contact with a few of the people had been doing freelance writing for, and then I completed a diploma in digital marketing.

This all went by the weigh side when I went back to South America. As the first trip had its fair share of trouble I wanted to enjoy myself which meant I didn’t put much emphasis on my blog and my work commitments, not surprisingly the writing gigs dried up.

Being at Home

I actually am surprised with how well I’m doing back home as I tend to get bored pretty fast as I live in the countryside where there isn’t much happening besides some cows roaming around. I would much prefer living in a town or city, but for the moment it’s fine.

Since I’ve been back home I have tried to change up my approach to my writing and the whole online thing. This time I have more motivation and drive to succeed even if it gets a little frustrating at times.

Usually, I try to have something lined up before I get home, but the last job I had as a delivery driver was soul destroying and I am a little old to do the whole summer camp thing again. A little unemployment is a great motivator and it’s given me the freedom to look at different avenues.

Has it worked yet? not really but I am more positive about it than I have been before, at least for the moment, it most definitely has its ups and downs. I have decided to approach online business in three ways. I began focusing solely on my blog in 2016 and made a lot of mistakes, I learnt from some, but also learnt that you need some help along the way. There is good points in learning something by yourslef, but it’s also good to ask for help or at least seek it out.  So I now Study, work on my blog and seek out ways to make money online via freelancing.


The diploma I took last year was useful to an extent, I definitely learnt a lot about marketing, but I found it too broad. I am now taking a number of courses to focus on aspects of social media and advertising. These are through platforms like Udemy and a few other places.

My writing has never been world class and also not something I wanted to pursue. I enjoy writing for myself and projects but I do struggle with it. You have probably seen throughout this article. I decided to take up studying social media marketing and management as it is something I enjoy.

The second place I have been getting inspiration is through a course by Niall Doherty, he’s been working as a coder for a few years and developed a course to help people learn skills and look for work online. I have found parts of the course hugely helpful but as I tend to get sidetracked I haven’t actually managed to get through it all yet. It’s great for making you not feel lost, each time I panic a little or think I don’t know something he has a nice little video for motivation or a way of moving forward with what I am trying to do.


Well, the blog side of things is kind of the same as before. Now though I am learning to write better content, show people the information they came for and have fun with it. You can see in my old posts pretty awful writing and short tidbits that aren’t useful for anybody. It’s definitely a labour of love but something I will aim to improve over time.

It’s a slow process but when you see friends making progress or writing great articles it definitely helps. Another great thing, similar to my course with Niall, is the community aspect of blogging.  I can stay in touch with people all over the world all the time, as we don’t just have silly stories in common but a kind of business/hobby to talk about.

My main problem with the blog is being consistent, at the moment getting freelance work is the priority, that way I have some money coming in and I can then schedule stuff for the blog. In the meantime, though I am always doing behind the scenes stuff, that unless your blogging you really won’t care too much about so I won’t bore you with the details.


As freelance writing is the only way I make any kind of money online at the moment it’s a little hard to swallow that you generally aren’t the worlds most amazing writer. I have always struggled with my writing as in grammar, punctuation etc. You have probably seen it in this post, so therefore getting gigs is a little difficult, but not impossible.

Either some people have taken pity on me or I wrote them good articles and simply messed up the others. Still, though it’s not a long-term solution, I am happy to make the little extra money. 

Re-reading the same articles, again and again, trying to find your mistakes and still miss them can be frustrating. Of course, I was never relying on writing solely for an online income as the rule online generally is diversify and have a few incomes, hence why I have turned to social media management.

It’s early days and I am sure something will come through. Even the little money I make shows that it is possible. I am sure that some people who are reading this are wondering why I don’t get a regular job and just be happy with my lot. It is an option and it would be far easier, but simply I don’t want to, I have seen what’s possible online and I want to at least give it a real go, the other times I wasn’t motivated or trying hard enough. I can at least say after this attempt that I tried properly.