Brasov to Bran castle-The easy way

Brasov to Bran castle takes 40 minutes via bus and these run every 30 minutes from Terminal 2 (Autogara 2) in Brasov. Bran castle is only 30km from Brasov, so if public transport is not your thing there are numerous ways to visit the infamous castle. Brasov is the best place to base yourself when discovering Transylvania and its connection to one of the horrors most beloved characters.

Ever since the story of Dracula by Bram Stoker (Free PDF) people have been visiting Transylvania in search of Dracula’s castle. Luckily for Brasov and Bran town, most people view Vlad castle as the home of this legendary character.

Brasov to Bran castle
Brasov main square

How to get to Brasov:

Brasov is the easiest link for exploring Bran and the surrounding Transylvanian countryside. It is easily reached from both Bucharest and Chisinau the capital of Moldova.

The train from Bucharest to Brasov takes 2.5 hours and runs four times per day. Tickets generally cost 20 lei (€4). You can check the train schedule here. Interrail passes also work on this route.

The night bus from Chisinau to Brasov takes 12 hours with tickets costing around 380 Moldovan lei (€20). I am not sure of the schedule but I believe there is one, night bus per day. As Brasov is the main city in Transylvania, it is best to base yourself here exploring the region.

Brasov itself is a great town with lots of restaurants, accommodation options and places to discover. So book a few nights and enjoy your stay.

Getting from Brasov to Bran Castle

Bran castle interior
Bran castle interior

Bran by bus:

The easiest and cheapest way to reach the town of Bran is by Public transport from Brasov main station.

Go to bus terminal 2 its location is N 45.663423°, E25.583103° and buy a one-way ticket for 7 lei (€1.5) from the bus driver. The bus station is about a 20-minute walk from the centre of Brasov or you can take a local bus for 2 lei (€0.5). The buses to use are Bus – 22, Bus – 23B, Bus – 25, Bus – 41. Check out more information on the Brasov buses here. Buses leave every 30 minutes so there is not needed to book in advance.

The buses are old and not the most comfortable but being only 30km away, the drive from Brasov to Bran takes about 40minutes. When you disembark in Brasov town you will be able to see the castle.

Brasov to Bran castle bus schedule

Brasov streets
Brasov streets

Buses run from Terminal 2 (Autogara 2) in Brasov to Bran town every half an hour Monday to Friday and every hour on the weekend. A one-way ticket will cost you 7 lei (€1.5) which is payable to the bus driver.

However, do not be surprised if you must wait a little longer for a bus as they tend to run on their own schedule on occasion.

It is not possible to reach Bran by train; the closest stop is Brasov.

Taxi from Brasov to Bran

If you are not a fan of public transport and would like even more flexibility for your trip, then you can always take a taxi. The 30km ride will be shorter but cost you quite a bit more at about 80 lei (€16). The Brasov castle site has several recommendations on modes of transport and the best companies to use. Check it out here.

Be sure to check with your host which companies are the best and if they have other recommendations for transport.

Entrance and tickets to Bran Castle:

Castle ramparts
Castle ramparts

When you disembark the bus, you will have to walk through a small market before reaching the ticket booth for Bran castle. You will see a park just past the entrance which is free to the public, the tickets are for the castle. If the weather is good and you have some time, its a great place to relax.

Bran Castle tickets

Bran castle tickets are easily purchased at the ticket booth at the entrance to Bran castle grounds. I would not recommend a tour from Brasov as they are simply not worth it. The tickets prices are as below:

Free access to:

  • Disabled or institutionalised individuals
  • Children under 7

Brasov castle ticket prices:

  • Adults 40lei (€8.5)
  • Children 10 lei (€2)
  • Seniors (65+) 30 lei (€6.5)-ID required
  • Students 25 lei (€5.5)-ID required

Open year-round I found the castle busy, but the crowds were manageable. Opening times can be found on the Brasov-castle website here.

History of Bran Castle:

Many people will be disappointed to know that Bran castle has little to no connection to Bram Stokers Dracula except that it coincidentally looks like the castle depicted in the books. The Irish Writer never visited the country and drew inspiration from history and folklore of the region.

The real castle was home to a number of nobles and royalty throughout the years. With Vlad, the impaler also being connected to the castle. Though he never lived there.

The history of this man and the connection to Bram stoker are explored within the castle.

Through good marketing and the similarities of the castle, millions visit Bran Castle very year to have a peek inside ‘Dracula’s’ castle.

The original work on the castle began around 1212 on an imposing peace of rock which you will notice immediately, it remained in royal use until 1948 when it was seized by the communist government. Since then it has been under different administrative rulers and open to the public.  

Things to do in Bran:

Bran castle
Bran castle
  • Shop in the souvenir stands that surround the main entrance to the castle grounds. You will find everything forms copies of bran stokers’ books, to costumes and crossbows among others. Great for those who like to collect trinkets on their trip
  • There are also several restaurants which I found quite reasonably priced with plenty of Mica (Grilled minced meat rolls) and Samaya (Cabbage rolls) on offer. The food is delicious and similar to Ukranian and Slovenian dishes.
  • You can also visit the resting place of Marie of Romania’s heart. Simply search for Inima Regina Maria.
  • Find the best viewpoint in Bran- From the tomb, climb the steep embankment behind it to reach one of the best vantage points overlooking Bran castle.

To find both of these, exit via the gate opposite the entrance and follow the road around until you see an open field. There will be an information board just like below. This gives you a better understanding of the buildings and activities of some of the locals.

Then you can climb the steep embankment until you reach the cross. Just be careful of the edge as it is quick a long way down.

Are Brasov and Bran worth visiting

For those interested in Literature, the history of Romania or those intrigued by folklore then yes, yes and yes Brasov and Bran castle are both worth visiting.

Between Brasov town and the surrounding Transylvanian countryside, there is plenty of hiking, castle exploring and legends of the region to learn about. Just like Slovenia, Guatemala and Peru.

Brasov town is quite charming, the old cobbled square, Telefonica and viewpoints around the town are great. It’s one of the most beautiful areas in Romania and somewhere I can see myself visiting again.

Due to the popularity of the region, public and private transport are easy to organise and manage which is great when visiting a new place. Something I wish I could say for places like Mexico.

Where to stay in Brasov:

Carousel Hostel: This Hostel with its creepy interior of scary porcelain dolls, definitely has a lot of character. Suitable for solo travellers and small groups it is sociable, clean and centrally located, making it an ideal location for a short stay.

What to do in Brasov:

The Brasov sign
The Brasov sign

Visit the Brasov sign: Overlooking the city and very hard to miss is the Brasov sign. It can be reached by a quick Telefonica ride. The return journey is very cheap so don’t force yourself to do the steep climb.

Check out the main square: The architecture and medieval style of Brasov square is worth taking some time to check out. You will find plenty of bars and restaurants to visit.

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