Michael Collins home

Visiting the home of Michael Collins

One of my biggest passions besides travel is Irish history. Ever since I was young I remember reading books and watching documentaries about Irelands move towards Independence. One of the largest figures in Irish history, especially around this period is Michael … Continue reading “Visiting the home of Michael Collins”

Killing chickens in Phong Nha

Killing chickens in Phong Nha

I’m sorry for any of my Vegan or Vegetarian friends out there. A story about the bar with cold beer and killing chickens in Phong nha isn’t forgotten easily. This isn’t the most pleasant story either, but it is one … Continue reading “Killing chickens in Phong Nha”

Escobar's Guatape mansion

Touring Pablo Escobar’s Guatape mansion

As one of the most infamous criminals in history Pablo escobar definitely left his mark on the world and particularly on Colombia his native country. Here he isn’t glorified or remembered in the same light that he is in other … Continue reading “Touring Pablo Escobar’s Guatape mansion”