Five of the best parties I have attended

A lot of most think that all backpackers do is a party and laze about, this isn’t entirely true. We also sight-see, meet new people and immerse ourselves in new cultures, but there definitely is a great party aspect as well. Some of the best parties I have attended have been quite unusual, for me at least.

Everywhere you go, be it at home or in a foreign country, has their own special parties and places to go, some you might never even hear about and others are massively popular. I’ve been lucky enough to attend some random and very fun parties while adventuring.

The best parties I have attended:

Bush Doofs: (Perth, Australia)

10.00am is prime Bush Doof time


These have got to be some of the best parties I have attended and my first in Australia. Organised by locals and expats these parties are held in the Australian outback. They are well away from prying eyes, giving everyone the opportunity to dance and party without a care in the world. Very well organised and maintained, these always left no trace events.

Psy-trance was the staple music for both events I attended with the music playing continuously for three days. You are not given much opportunity to rest, which you don’t really want to do anyway. Expect thumping music, extreme outfits and releasing your inner hippies as you are surrounded by nature good vibes. Some have become more mainstream events with thousands in attendance such as rainbow serpent Festival. If you can’t find an illegal one this is your best bet.

A Pool party without the water: (Antigua, Guatemala)

best parties I have attended
We weren’t this close, but you get the idea.

Hands down one of the best parties I have ever attended and the best so far in Central and South America. The pool party in Antigua is a must do for anyone who likes ending the night in unusual places. You will definitely hear about these parties if you pass through Guatemala.

Starting around 2.00am when the bars close in Antigua, a convoy of taxis/buses/cars will ferry people out to what I believe is an old stately mansion.  After passing through security, yep security, you walk to the rear of the house and come across a huge swimming pool. It’s empty of water but packed with a bar, people dancing and the DJ.

The music was brilliant everything from house to techno and it didn’t stop all night. There is a ton of locals, expats and travellers in attendance and everyone I saw was in an extremely happy state of mind. I went with a huge bunch from my hostel and we partied until the sun came up and the music was finishing. The time went by in an instant but it was definitely a night to remember. If that wasn’t enough a volcano erupted just as we were leaving to mark the end of an amazing night.

Please note: Eruptions aren’t guaranteed.

Kerfuffle: (Otres beach, Cambodia)

Another destination you only hear about once you are in the vicinity. Kerfuffle definitely lives up to its name and had me questioning life for a few days afterwards as I recovered. This was mainly due to overindulgence on my part of course.

This place has a brilliant set-up, not something I was expecting. The DJ booth was an old converted RV van, they had food stalls, an elevated viewing platform and a mutha-f******-Ferris-wheel. Seriously at a rave in the Cambodian jungle what more could you want.

Oh, and did I mention it’s on an inland island only accessible by a tugboat. Getting there was half the fun, once you arrived it was Techno and Psy-trance, thank the resident Ozzie Djs for this one.

HARD FEST: (Los Angeles, USA)

HARD FEST by day

A lot of movies portray American parties as being over the top in production and outlandishness. I must say that for this event that wasn’t true, it felt much more familiar which was a good thing. Yeah, the crowds were a bit OTT but it’s the US. Maybe it’s being Irish or just me but I just can’t get into the crazy outfits or lack of clothing.

To this day I still don’t know where the women put their valuables when all they wore were fluffy boots and plasters on their nipples.

Having forced two not so eager friends to join me in LA was a highlight of my summer in California. It was 2013 so Dubstep was massive but there were a ton of other DJs that I liked so the music was pretty good. I think this makes the list of the best parties I attended because I got to experience the US buzz on one of my first adventures.

Body&soul (West Meath, Ireland)

So more a festival than a party this still makes the list, as any day you go will be amazing. One of the best weekends I have ever had and not just because it’s in Ireland.

I knew none of the acts playing, had no idea about the set-up or what was going on most of the time.

There were four main stages and a ton of smaller ones playing a whole host of music over the weekend. There was still more to find but I didn’t have time as I was enjoying the atmosphere too much. Almost every act had a show going as well and you continuously stumbled across new places.

This is the best of the parties I have attended, what are yours?

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  1. Hahaha …enjoyed reading this! Pool party without water sounds amazing. 🙂

  2. Awesome fun! Antigua party’s are unreal!!

    1. Hopefully I get to go back some day. I loved it.

  3. Guess it’s time to get my party on!!!!

    I love the line about questioning life for a few days – been there; done that!

  4. Bro that party near the Volcano sounds crazy! great post bro never read a post like this before. I live in Australia and i’ve never been to a rave in the bush ahahhahaha I gotta go to one some time.

    1. Ha really glad you liked it. I’ll try get to some more in the future so I can make more lists 🙂 Have one coming up about some Irish parties.

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