Hostel rules and regulations-Not to be taken seriously

Dorm room etiquette and other things you should know.

This is a little insight for those who aren’t too familiar with hostel life and all the thrills and sorrows that it entails. For those who have backpacked for some time, they will know that hostels can be great and awful places in equal measure.

A lot of the time it depends on the crowd and sometimes on the hostel’s reputation itself. Hostel rules and regulations are a serious affair as you will see from this post. For those who would like to check out a regular hostel review before we move on, why not read about Jacobs Inn in Dublin, one of the most popular hostels in Ireland.

Hostel rules and regulations
This isn’t neccessary

Having volunteered in a few hostels and stayed in many more I have had a few experiences that would never ever happen in a Hotel. This is just a list of a few things peoples should keep in my when they are in a hostel. Check here for hostels.

Hostel rules and regulations

Rules for the dorms which should be followed, but are not.

  • Do not unpack all your shit when you arrive at 2.00am, you seriously are being a c***. Just get into bed and sleep.
  • In equal measure have your bags packed if you’re checking out at an unreasonable time. Please try not to use plastic bags.
  • If you are drunk the same rules apply, but you are given a little more leeway as it comes across as a more valid excuse.
  • If you are going to party back in the dorm at least make sure everyone is cool with it, most of the time it’s fine once you’re not being OTT.
  • Eating food is all good once it’s not some strong smelly s***. More than once I had people eating Tuna or some other random food they thought was nice but which stank up the whole room.
  • Don’t steal. You’re seriously a c~~~ if your stealing in a hostel.
hostel rules and regulations
What happens when you steal somebodies food.

Sex. It’s going to happen. But there are some rules and ideas which can help.

  • Don’t be the person that goes to security, nobody likes those people.
  • Make sure you are in the correct bed. This will help with security issues.
  • Don’t be obnoxiously loud, people are sleeping and/or jealous.
  • Keep headphones or earplugs under your pillow it helps.
  • If you can make some kind of fort, do that. Everyone knows what you are doing, but the fort looks kind of cool.
  • Do not use said fort for self-love that is pretty messed up.
  • Showers are a great alternative
Hostel rules and regulations
The results of an over flowing shower

Shower etiquette:

  • Try not to break the showers during extracurricular activities, people actually need them.
  • If there are some water issues and you’re are travelling in a slightly underdeveloped country, relax.
  • You’re not at home the hot water is not going to be always available.
  • If you leave your toiletries for more than 10 minutes you can be pretty sure that they are gone forever.

Common room/kitchens:

hostel rules and regulations
Clean the kitchen, the cleaner might be on there day off.
  • Put your phone down and have a chat. The dorms are your private space.
  • Try not to leave the place looking like a bomb site everyone else needs to use the kitchen.
  • Seek out the free stuff shelf, you will be surprised what you can find.
  • Try to get involved in the pre-drinks, group meals it’s how you make friends.
  • Don’t steal food, but if you do, don’t get caught.
  • Check with the hostel with stuff like smoking and playing music, it’s not their fault you don’t know the rules.
Hostel rules and regulations
The equivalent of trying to find you bed in the dark

For staff/ Volunteers:

  • Don’t get all clicky its shit for you and the guests.
  • Same rules apply for Volunteers in regard to the dorms and common areas, although I see this slacking in parts…You know who you are.
  • Volunteers aren’t slaves, reasonable work will result in more sober volunteers.


  • Everyone loves curtains on their beds.
  • Pay volunteers (I’m just joking).

What to bring for a comfortable hostel stay:

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