My Irish Festival Review

Since I am finally recovered from Electric Picnic I thought it was a good time to write an Irish festival review. Electric Picnic, by the way, is the largest music festival in Ireland and it kind of marks the end of the summer and festival season, unfortunately.

It wasn’t my original plan to go and I actually missed flights to Rome to attend the festival.

The good thing is I live in Ireland so flights around Europe aren’t that expensive. As I didn’t make it to any festivals last summer because I was working so much, this year I decided I would go to as many as possible. I managed five of the biggest ones so I was pretty happy with my effort.

However, I am an extreme penny pincher and missing Rome will play on my mind for some time, especially now as I am currently unemployed. But anyway let’s get on with this.

FYI: This Irish festival review is only music related. I didn’t have time for anything else 🙁

Irish festival review

My Irish festival Review 2017

Life: 26th-28th May

Trying to look cool for the camera

I’m a big fan of electronic music as you can see in some of my other festival posts. So having only arrived home from South  America this was definitely on my list. Despacito had already been there for five months. Life is very techno and minimal orientated with a few other genres mixed in, so it would have been a nice break.

I went with my sister and some of her friends who I hadn’t met before. It was me and five women so I was happy enough with the ratio. The weather was pretty good all weekend, besides the Saturday. I had slept through it though so I didn’t mind.

Now music wise I was very disappointed, it was one of the first festivals where I felt that the music sounded very similar, even though this is a common complaint with electronic music. None of the DJ’s and acts had much of an atmosphere or buzz as far as I could tell and they were just going through the motions. Friday’s highlight was DJ EZ simply because he sounded a little different from the others.

The stage set up wasn’t that good either with the four stages in one tiny area and then just one random one off in the forest pointlessly.

I had fun with the group we were with but besides that, I wouldn’t be keen on returning. The lake though was a very good place to chill out on Sunday so that get’s some props.

Music: 2/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
Setup: 2/5

Live at the Marquee (17th June)

This was a random unexpected trip to Cork for me. I had been talking to an old friend for a few weeks and she invited me down to see Jenny Green and the RTE Concert Orchestra (She is kind of a big deal in Ireland).

Live at the Marquee is held in Cork throughout June and each week different acts play anything from comedians to international bands. We choose Jenny green as I like electronic music and she was mixing it with a live orchestra. It was only one night. But it was brilliant. The music choice was incredible with tons of old-school tracks that most people knew and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Having found our way to the front you could hear the orchestra and live performance mix really well. The Set up is quite good, as the name says it is in a giant marquee so you can’t really go wrong with that.

Music: 5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Setup: 4/5

Body&Soul 23rd-25th June

Fun with the brother

By far my favourite festival of the summer. The campsite and grounds have a brilliant layout. There isn’t much of a journey from the campsites into the arena area and it was laid out in such a way that you can always find more small venues and places to see. I didn’t know any acts that played, but any I saw was brilliant.

The crowds were always really engaged and within the venue, something I didn’t see too much of at the other camping events. At the others, people would wait until the evening.

I think this was due to its size as it wasn’t too big to try and get around. I also got lucky camping beside some old friends so that helped by mixing it up with old and new people. It is definitely one I would like to return to if I had the opportunity.

Music: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5
Setup: 5/5

Longitude 14-16 July

When security think you are in a band

This was another event that I got lucky in attending. A friend of mine had a spare band for the Saturday, which is the day I actually had wanted to go. We could gain access to some of the restricted areas as it was an artist band, although they wouldn’t let us up onto the main stage. As camping isn’t allowed in festivals in Dublin this event is split into 3 separate days.

There is one large main area for the big acts and a few smaller stages. Most people stayed around the main stage as we did and just ventured off for a look into the others. I thought the setup was quite good giving a huge audience to the main acts and allowing everyone in on the fun. The other stage did have some decent music as well. Easy to get around and definitely good for the day, although I’m not sure I could go three in a row without staying nearby.

Also, this probably had the youngest crowd on my Irish festival review. Walking over all the passed out people sometimes felt wrong but usually more fun.


Electric picnic 1st-3rd September 

This is a tricky one as I am still feeling some of the effects of the weekend. It is always a favourite on Irish festival review pages, but not so much for me.

Another one that I went with my sister and our friends. This time we were glamping so that made a good bit of a difference as the weather was very Irish. Freezing Friday, Wet and windy Saturday and a hot Sunday.

I made the mistake of hanging at the campsite a little too long like I did at Life. But unlike Body&soul the arena area was never that busy throughout the day, so there wasn’t much point in walking around. This I think is to do with the size. The place is gigantic and if you get a little lost like I did on Friday you could be walking for ages. The Saturday was also a wash up so everything was wet and soggy and not that enjoyable.

Sunday definitely saved the weekend for me though as we got to enjoy some good weather and pretty decent music. Glamping was also a bonus.


Looking back on my Irish festival review It definitely was a good summer.

Tell me about some of your countries festivals in the comments