Irish festival survival guide

Although the Irish festival season is over for this year, I believe an Irish festival survival guide is essential while everything is still fresh in my mind. Having been to other parties around the world, I forgot how unpredictable the Irish weather can be and how much it impacts the Irish festival experience.

Having attended Life, Longitude, live at the Marquee, Body&sould, and Electric picnic this summer, I have made what I believe to be the ultimate Irish festival survival guide. I’ll detail the essentials you need to pack, where to camp and a few other bits.

The Irish festival survival guide:

What to Bring:

Your ticket:

This is a very obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people reach the security counter and forget their ticket five fields away in a car. Start the party mood right and ensure you have the essentials in close proximity. Once you have your wristband everything else becomes a little easier as you can move about freely on the festival grounds.


Just as important as your ticket, is I.D, preferably something that you can risk losing in the worst case scenario. For many over age gigs you might not be asked, however, you don’t want to queue for ages and then be refused service.

Good walking shoes and wellies:

Both of these are essential, I can’t stress that enough, nothing is worse than walking around an Irish festival in shoes after it’s been waterlogged. I have made this mistake many times. Wellies, although you hope they are not needed, will save you in the long run.

Shoes wise, pick something comfortable that will last and that you can dance in, they may even be a little funky if that’s your taste. It might be annoying carrying both but I guarantee it will be on every Irish festival survival guide page.

Rain jacket and sunglasses:

A Poncho or Rain jacket is another must have. Getting waterproof gear will allow you to enjoy the festival no matter how wet all your friends and neighbours are.

Sunglasses are essential no matter what, At every festival, you will see some dude with glasses on at 4.00am in the morning, you might as well join them.

A Bum bag or backpack:

It can be something flashy or something you stole from your mom, but bringing a Backpack or bum bag will make losing all your stuff a lot harder for you inebriated self. You can jump or fall around without worrying that your pockets are not empty. Having a bag saves a lot of stress and time, especially if you pool or your gear into a communal bag to walk around the festivals.

Pillows and blankets:

Waaaaaayyyyyy…….Too many times I forgot these two items which almost ruined the entire weekend. Pillows and sleeping blanket will make those few hours sleep you get a lot more comfortable. It will also save your neck and back some serious pain when it’s not necessary.

Damn I sound old.

Irish festival survival guide

What to do:

Plan the acts you want to see:

Many of us are guilty of going to a festival with great intentions and then spending 3/4 of our time either at a campsite or walking around looking for friends. Make a plan of the names you want to see and do your utmost to see them, the tents and campsite aren’t going anywhere but those DJ’s and bands most definitely are.

Eat, and drink water:

I am definitely guilty of not doing either of these. Try to eat a few times a day and drink some water. There’s nothing worse than contemplating how it all came to this while you sit in a tent, in the rain and cold. All you have to do is get some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for you.

Stick with a buddy:

At a festival, we know things can get a little strange and out of hand depending on your attitude and plans. Having a friend there is always pretty important, firstly you can have all the fun you want and if shit hits the fan you can bail each other out.

Charge your electronics

Standing in a forest with thousand people having the time of your life when your battery goes is pretty upsetting. Now navigate back to your tent using the stars. Charging your phone and camera means you can contact your friends and take as many photos as you like. Do it early in the morning and you’ll be much happier.

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Camping essentials:

  • Bring a tent. Nobody wants to share with you, they would have asked.
  • Camping chairs are optional, they last roughly.09 seconds, so in my opinion, they are a waste of time.
  • Bottled water and lots of it.
  • An icebox will make you a favourite with your friends and neighbours. If you’re going with a group then they get the ice, fair is fair.
  • An air mattress is unbelievable. I used my first one at Electric Picnic. I am pretty slow to the game.
  • Toilet paper, face wipes and if you have access to a shower, all the essential toiletries.
  • Portable speakers will make you many friends and a few enemies.
  • Camp on top of a hill if you can or in a very flat area. We’ve all seen the mini landslides that can occur.
  • Don’t bring glass. It will save a few injuries.
  • Make friends with your neighbours they can either protect your stuff or rob it, but being friends helps the latter part not happen.
  • Enjoy the festival don’t get to waste this will be a big downer in the long run.


These are the peak areas that you want to avoid as much as possible, but when you need to go you need to go. Usually, the ones in the arena area are cleaner, so it’s always good to wait until you are there.

Do you think this is a good Irish festival survival guide? Let me know in the comments!

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