My 2017 wish list

Although the year is going by way faster than I would like, I do like making lists and plans. So I’ve decided to jot down my 2017 wish list for the rest of the year. Hopefully, it will hold me accountable and add as an incentive to complete things on my bucket list.

The end of the year 2017 wish list:

Start and complete my diploma:

I’ve decided to do a diploma in digital marketing. I enjoy messing about with this blog and social media so I thought I might as well get some kind of degree out.It which might also help with getting this thing up and running properly.

Earn money online:

Although I’ve made a small amount over the past number of months I want to start earning enough so I can successfully live and travel. I don’t mean million but a few hundred dollars/euro a month goes a long way in cheaper counties so it would be cool to do that.

Climb Machu Picchu:

As my travels plans hit the wall last year I didn’t get to do the trip that I had set out on doing. I purposely didn’t go here so I had a reason to go back. The Galapagos and Machu Picchu were my two big draws, so I have one down and another to go.

Visit Rome:

Watch this space in the very near future.

Attend a festival solo:

Although I am not very keen on the idea, it might be something I will have to do if I can’t get anyone to join. I have gone to different countries by myself but I feel attending a festival on your own could be very different. But to see the acts I want to see it might be necessary.

Claim back my insurance:

Although I doubt this will be a positive I am still gathering paperwork to claim some money back on all my belongings that were robbed. I doubt I’ll see anything but I’ll write up a post sometime on how it goes.

Learn Spanish:

Since I’ve been home I have barely spoken a word, so the very little I do know is probably long gone now. I definitely want to study it again and learn enough that it doesn’t just slip away when I don’t use it.

Smaller goals on my 2017 wish list include:

  • Gain more social media followers.
  • Get an Instagram picture featured on a large page.
  • gain over 10,000 followers on Instagram
  • meet some successful nomads.

What does your 2017 wish list look like?