Some of my worst travel stories :

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” –Albus Dumbledore

For those who read travel blogs or anything travel related a lot of the time you are made to believe that everything is amazing 100% of the time. This simply isn’t true, it’s impossible unless you are super lucky. Good Instagram pictures and cool stories are the ones everyone wants to see

We also love hearing a bad story too, it makes us feel a little better.

I’ve decided to compile a short list of some of my worst travel stories.

This isn’t to warrant sympathy (although I will take it) or fear, but it will just show what can happen when you don’t expect it, or when you don’t plan things out properly. Trust me at home some of these wouldn’t have been an issue but language barriers are an absolute killer when you’re in a jam.

In no particular order:

Teaching in Korea:

For those who don’t know, Korea is one of the number one locations in the world to teach English (I know me teaching English surprised me as well). The pay and perks are good and the entry requirements aren’t that strict, so its a good place for new graduates to go after college to get some money and life experiences.

I, on the other hand, had an awful time. It was a mix of culture shock, loneliness and boredom. This was almost entirely my fault. I didn’t research the school or area I would be living in properly and I took the word of the school as a fact, which was not a good idea. I lived and worked in a very secluded town without much access to other people.  As an immature 21-year-old who only got to speak with kids for five days a week, it was quite taxing.

What I needed after a hard day of teaching.

I lasted for four months of my one year contract and for my own health and sanity I got out of there. I would have liked to have had a good year there, I know people and met many others who loved the country and their jobs but it definitely wasn’t my style at all.

Being assaulted in the Netherlands:

I know! How could anyone have anything bad happen to them in this amazing country, but it happened to me. On my birthday and everything. Boohoo for me. Luckily or unluckily I actually can’t remember much of what happened on the night. This was definitely a mix of the alcohol consumed and the kicks to the head. Both of these definitely would do the trick.

From what I have been told on our way home from the nightclub a group of guys shouted toward me and my friends, being slightly inebriated I replied with some choice words which I definitely regret. Anyway, long story short they (numbering eight) surrounded me and my friends (numbering three). They focused on me, as I was the mouthpiece, which in all honesty I am glad about as I would have preferred it then my friends. In the end, I was knocked out, had a broken tooth and some bad bruising for a week or so. Besides that no lasting damage as far as I can tell.

Being robbed in Mexico:

Probably up there with the most inconvenient things that have ever happened in my entire life. I had planned and saved to travel to central and South America for well over a year, the planning probably since I was a kid. Two days in and someone decided to help themselves to almost everything I own. This included travel documents, my laptop (bye bye old blog) and a ton of other essentials. This one I will write about later as it deserves its own special article. It definitely is a contender for one of my worst travel stories. 

worst travel stories
Smile, because you’re currently being robbed

Some notable mentions of my worst travel stories :

  • Sleeping in rough in Germany
  • Missing day of the dead in Mexico
  • Losing my bank card in Thailand  two days before my flight home 
  • Missing  flights to Italy because I was too poor to go
  • Falling in and out of love (Get me a tissue)

What are some of the worst travel stories you have heard?


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