hunting the Komodo dragon

Hunting the Komodo Dragon

Lets start off by saying obviously didn’t go hunting the Komodo dragon, but it sounds a whole lot cooler than searching or discovering which I’ve used  already. Plus with the size and speed these animals can move at, I would … Continue reading “Hunting the Komodo Dragon”

best parties I have attended

Five of the best parties I have attended

A lot of most think that all backpackers do is party and laze about, this isn’t entirely true. We also sight-see, meet new people and immerse ourselves into new cultures, BUT there definitely is a great party aspect as well. … Continue reading “Five of the best parties I have attended”

Escobar's Guatape mansion

Touring Pablo Escobar’s Guatape mansion

As one of the most infamous criminals in history Pablo escobar definitely left his mark on the world and particularly on Colombia his native country. Here he isn’t glorified or remembered in the same light that he is in other … Continue reading “Touring Pablo Escobar’s Guatape mansion”