Problems with the travel bug

Complaining about travelling or getting the travel bug should be banned. I can moan about anything though so this will only be a short one. They say you should put personal ideas into your blog to engage with your readers. (I can virtually see the tumbleweed). So he guys a little moan.

Travelling is definitely something I enjoy otherwise, I, me of all people wouldn’t have started a travel blog. We all know how bad my spelling and grammar can be. It does though come with its fair share of problems which from the outside might not seem like problems at all, but they can build up. Dealing with some of these problems can also be a little difficult as they aren’t as conventional as your usual run of the mill issues and the majority are self-inflicted. If I didn’t travel I wouldn’t have some of these issues, it’s an easy fix.

For someone who was living in Australia for two years and done a little travelling in between, I can’t really complain too much about long-term travel. There are a few things I have noticed though. I wanted to put them down and see if they made any more sense that way.

These are just my thoughts, read here for actual travel problems.

The travel bug

*A strong desire to travel.

Career progression:

A mixture of doing a now semi-pointless Arts degree and then not using that in the intervening years since my graduation, means I haven’t built up a lot of experience in any particular field. This greatly affects job prospects and my attempts at job hunting. At the age of 25 I haven’t progressed in my education and career like a lot of my friends have. They have done their masters, some are now teachers or others went into different paths. Sometimes it becomes a little disheartening as you feel like you won’t catch up or have the right kind of experience for a particular job. Yes, I do have the memories, but they don’t pay the bills or allow you to buy fancy things. But luckily I don’t really like fancy things that much so it’s one less to worry about.


This might sound a little odd because I have probably made more friend from travelling than if I had never travelled at all. I can message people in different countries, plan to see them and have some great experiences, but they are rarely close relationships that you can build on or that are sustainable due to the distance and length of time between seeing these people. Then others you were once very close to you lose contact with for many of the same reasons. So my friends from home have moved on and the relationships have changed which can throw you off a little as you expect everything to stay the same.

Not knowing what to do next:

This is probably one of the more challenging aspects of confronting the travel bug. You never really know what your plans are. When you are on the road this is part of the fun and a bit of the reason that you have gone on this adventure, but when you are at home or in an area where you can make opportunities work such as in Australia you’re never too sure if it’s the right decision. Should I just take this job and work here, the money is good, the weather is fantastic I have a great bunch of friends or should I leave it all and go travel again. Sicne leaving Ozz this is probably one of my main thoughts. Being in Ireland, not so much I don’t make a whole lot of money and it’s cold.

Now what I have been moaning about here I’ve seen on other successful blogs. People who have travelled for 10 years, seen 100 countries ect. The guys who are really non-stop and that must get pretty hard if I’ve noticed it after 3 they must go insane at times.

Then I remember that I am only 25 I can definitely overcome these problems at a later stage, there are still plenty of places I want to see and when I find somewhere to live I’m sure I’ll know or at least I have a better idea. Plus if I become a millionaire blogger I won’t have that issue.

Have youn had any issues with the travel bug?


  1. It’s nice to see the other side of traveling long term. Just because we choose something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with challenges. Nicely put.

    1. Thanks, these feelings come in waves though. I prefer to complain on a beach than in an office.

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