The best Kildare pubs for food and drink

Kildare is a popular space just outside of Dublin for visitors and locals to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are plenty of things to do in Kildare from visiting the Curragh to watching a race in Punchestown.

As it is also home to Irelands most famous brewer, Arthur Guinness, it is no wonder that Kildare pubs are some of the best in the country. I am a little biased in that statement as Kildare is my home county, but that also means I have some of the best insights in Kildare’s best pubs.

The best Kildare Pubs

Roches Pub

Roches pub is one of the more unique pubs on the list as it is also known as Irelands sinking pub. Opened since the 1800s the pub is slowly sinking into the bog-land on which it is built. But don’t worry it is quite safe.

As it is a little out of the way you can expect to find plenty of locals and possibly a small few lucky tourists who have also heard of the sinking pub.

You can expect a warm welcome, live bands and a busy restaurant when visiting. If you get chatting to a regular, they will be more than happy to tell you about the history of the Pub and the surrounding areas. One of the more unique Kildare pubs, it should be on your list when passing through.

Hayden’s bar

One of several pubs in Naas that have made it on to this list, Hayden’s pub is an ideal location for the sports fanatics among you. It is especially good for anything related to the GAA and Irish rugby.

From the outside, the pub looks quite small, but I assure you it is one of the liveliest, especially when it comes to sports days. With ample TVs and seating this dimly lit Kildare pub is one of the best for watching any major sports events.

Try to grab a seat early and soak up the atmosphere in one of the best sports pubs in Kildare.

Judge Roy Beans (JRBs)

Judge Roy Beans is another popular Kildare pub and it is in Newbridge town. Keeping up with the theme of being dimly lit this is one of the best places to watch a game and enjoy some delicious pub grub. I’m a huge fan of their mixed platter dishes.

Usually consisting of a younger crowd this place is ideal for groups starting out their night or for families who have been in town for the day. Open late this is one of the more modern pubs on the list.

Silken Thomas

The only one of the Kildare pubs located in Kildare town, the Silken Thomas is perfect for those having spent a day shopping in Kildare village or learning about the history of Saint Bridget and the Curragh of Kildare.

Many locals and visitors alike find themselves here on the weekend as they serve up a great carvery dinner. Ideal after a long day and a great place for a few pints on the weekend should you be staying nearby.

Named after the famous lord Edward of Kildare this is a great spot to relax in. You can also learn about the nearby saint Bridget cathedral. This is one of my favourite Kildare pubs.

33 South Main street

One of the best late pubs in Kildare would have to be 33 South Main Street. Probably the newest pub on the list, this pub in Naas is ideal for both young and old as they have music and a set up for all age groups.

The main pub/restaurant area usually has live music every weekend and these bands are great for getting the crowd involved. In the back/smoking area, local DJs entertain the younger crowd. Although located outside, the heating and layout make it comfortable even on the coldest of nights.

This would be top of my list for late-night pubs in Naas. Another thing which makes it great is its location in relation to the Naas Inn. Perfect for some late-night eating, especially after you have had a few drinks.

Cookes of Caragh

No list of the best pubs in Kildare can be complete without a mention of my own local, Cookes of Caragh. Located in Caragh village, Cookes is a bar with two personalities.

The front entrance to the Cookes will lead you to the traditional pub area frequented by locals and home to every GAA and hurling celebration in the village.

The side entrance will bring you to the renovated bar and restaurant, it has ample seating, a great menu and enough room to host almost any function.

A great stopping point for those visiting Mondello racing track or spending the night in a local B&B such as the Hideout.

Located just outside of Naas you can definitely grab some food from the Naas Inn or start here and finish your night visiting some of the pubs in Naas for late night celebrations.

Irish pubs both modern and old are the perfect locations to learn about your Irish heritage, enjoy some amazing food and study the GAA. This guide to Kildare pubs will bring you to Kildare village, the home of St Brigid and teach you the history of this amazing county. Always great for an Irish party and to meet Irish people, a visit to an Irish pub is always a necessity. Learn about the best pubs in Kildare, local attractions and how to get around.