The First-Timers Tomorrowland Guide

Tomorrowland is one of the worlds largest electronic music events. Held in the town of Boom, Belgium since 2005, it is easily one of the most well-organised and entertaining events I have attended. This is my Tomorrowland guide, with a little video below.

Having attempted to get tickets for over four years I finally splashed out and managed to get my hands on a ticket for 2018. It was easily the best money I have spent on a festival.

There seems to be some confusion about how to get tickets, the cost of attending and logistics of everything Tomorrowland. I’ve put together this Tomorrowland guide to answer some of these questions and assist others on their first time attending Tomorrowland.

My Tomorrowland guide
The crowds at Tomorrowland main stage

Essential Tomorrowland Information

Where is Tomorrowland: Boom, Belgium. About 40 minutes from Antwerp by train.

When is Tomorrowland: The last two weekends of July.

How to get Tickets: Tomorrowland official site, Viagogo, trustworthy people.

Getting Tickets for Tomorrowland

You may have heard there is a two-year waiting list, tickets cost thousands and its impossible to get them after they are sold out. All of this is BS. It is difficult but not impossible to get tickets.

One main problem that occurs every year, millions of people trying to snag tickets and waiting hours on end without results. Every Tomorrowland guide I have read focuses on this point as it is something which infuriates a lot of people.

Tomorrowland has tried to curb this by offering packages and opportunities for early buyers, but this is still not feasible for a lot of people. Here are a few options you can choose from to snag a Tomorrowland ticket.

Tomorrowland guide to stages
Trippy stage designs

Option one The Tomorrowland Site

This should, of course, be your first option but it is also one of the most difficult. Here are some things you can do to better your chances.

  1. Pre-registration opens in January. Sign up on the Tomorrowland page. This will give you details on ticket release dates and extra information regarding the lineup etc as the event approaches.
  2. When the release date is announced mark it in your calendar, I missed out one year by sleeping in.
  3. Open up multiple windows on any device you have. DO NOT REFRESH the page.
  4. If you are among the first 20 people from your country, you are all set.
  5. Buy four tickets if you happen to get in. Trust me you will sell them.
  6. Have friends register in their name to help with your chances.
  7. Choose what ticket option you want before the deadline, this will save you time once you get into the site.
  8. Now what is more than likely going to happen, and what happened to me is, you won’t get tickets. There is simply too many people and three years running I didn’t get past the waiting window.
  9. Don’t give up though as there are a few other options that you can follow up on.

Option two for Tomorrowland tickets

There are a number of authorised reseller sites which you can check out. I used Viagogo as it was recommended by a friend.

Simply register and check daily for the update on tickets and prices.

If you have time and patience wait until the lineup is announced so you can better plan your weekend and see your favourite acts.

I waited until March and got a full madness pass ticket for €500. Yes, it was expensive but a lot cheaper than what some people paid.

Option three for Tomorrowland tickets

Buy from a third party. This is not one I would recommend but you may get lucky.

There are a lot of fake tickets on forums and outside the event so do your research to make sure everything is above board.

Your Tomorrowland guide to ticket options?

Tomorrowland rides
Tomorrowland by day

Because of the huge scale of Tomorrowland, there is an abundance of ticket options and prices. Here is just a sample of the options to choose from.

Tomorrowland day pass (€90+):

This one is self-explanatory. You can purchase single-day tickets which average around €90, ideal if you are a local or very stuck for money. This will allow you access to the main arena but none of the accommodation.

If you are unlucky and can’t get a camping ticket then maybe you could be a number of day passes. This isn’t the best option and maybe quite expensive but if you really want to go its something to consider. I met a number of people doing this.

Full madness pass (€380+):

These Tomorrowland tickets provide camping for 4 days and entrance to the arena. These can be upgraded to comfort or VIP passes.

The full madness pass is your basic Tomorrowland ticket and the most popular. Ensure you have your accommodation options and week picked before you enter the Tomorrowland site on sale day. This will speed up the process should you get through the waiting list.

Tomorrowland Global journey (€500+)

Global journey tickets are very popular but also very expensive. Depending on your location and mode of transport you can arrive in Belgium in style via train or by plane.

Some of the transport methods are custom made for Tomorrowland allowing you to start the party early and enjoy a truly unique experience. These can also be upgraded to Comfort and VIP. These tickets include all the benefits of a full madness pass also.

One of the most popular features of these tickets is the welcome packages that customers receive. This includes a beautifully decorated gift card, a souvenir, your Tomorrowland bracelet and a number of other trinkets. Tomorrowland customer service knows what they are doing.

Check the Tomorrowland site for more information.

Are the Tomorrowland upgrades worth it? Comfort & VIP pass etc.

Tomorrowland lights
Tomorrowland by night

Travelling on a budget and in South America means this was never an option for me and frankly I didn’t see much benefit in a lot of the extras. You have access to a few bars and relaxation areas mainly around the main stage and that’s about it.

Frankly, if I am at a music festival I don’t plan to relax too much and their waiting times for the bars etc were never of any concern. Maybe, if you want some great photo opportunities or a little more luxury the passes might be worth it.

Tomorrowland Accommodation

Just like the Tomorrowland ticket options, accommodation can be budget-friendly or pretty expensive. You can imagine the one I went for.

When purchasing your tickets, you have the option of choosing what accommodation you want. The choice ranges from basic campgrounds to Cabanas with swimming pools.


This is definitely the budget-friendly option for Tomorrowland. Its where you will find the vast majority of people. You can bring your own tents or pre-order tents from the Tomorrowland.

Throughout the campsites, you will find recharging stations, food stalls, bicycle rentals and much more. All of this is paid for with Tomorrowland pearls. More on that below.

In Dreamville you will also find a radio station, supermarket, toilets, showers and the Gathering party.

One thing to note about the campsites. They are very quiet at night. Irish festival campsites are usually loud with music and people partying into the early morning, not so at Tomorrowland which was surprising and welcome.

It saves your energy for the day’s activities and security are pretty cool about noise complaints.

Easy Dreams

These are comfortable pre-built tents which I guess have all of the same amenities as Dreamville. They are located closer to the arena. You are unable to access other areas without the correct wristband.

As I never ventured in, this is just a guess, but you can check out some other blog posts which have more information.

Tomorrowland Cabanas

These all looked like little houses and extremely comfortable. As you make your way to Dreamville you must pass the higher-end accommodation.

Again I didn’t have access but if the Tomorrowland Vlogs are anything to go by these have everything you could find in a hotel.

Outside Tomorrowland

The final option is to find accommodations outside of Tomorrowland. There is a constant stream of shuttles across Belgium during the event.

I met many people staying in Boom, Brussels and Antwerp who were looking for a little more comfort and time away from the event.

I would suggest booking well in advance if you are not booking with the assistance of Tomorrowland. Check Hostelworld and for the best deals.

Personally, I prefer to stay on the grounds. Saves a lot of time between partying and/or sleeping.

Tomorrowland pearls. What are they and how to use them?

Tomorrowland stage designs
This guys head moved and blinked

I had heard that Tomorrowland was a cashless festival but I didn’t know how this worked until I got there. When you arrive with your ticket, you will be provided with the beautiful Tomorrowland wristbands.

Each wristband is personally assigned to you and you must top it up with Tomorrowland pearls to pay for anything while on the festival grounds.

You can top up using the Tomorrowland website and your personal login details or use the numerous top-up points around the campsite and within the main area.

Ensure you have your bank card details memorized or top-up by enough to last you the weekend.

How to use your Tomorrowland pearls

When you purchase anything you will simply hold your wristband to a monitor which will deduct pearls from your account. It makes waiting in line really simple for the weekend.

Although it makes everything slightly more expensive, everything goes some much faster when waiting for food, showers and entrance etc.

Everything from food to drinks and even hot showers and haircuts is purchased with pearls.

Start off low and see how you spend your money on the first evening, this will be an indication of how expensive your weekend will be.

Try not to lose your wristband as it’s difficult to prove that you didn’t spend you Tomorrowland pearls.

My Tomorrowland guide to stages and artists

Every genre of electronic music is catered for in Tomorrowland. From soul-destroying EDM of the main stage to the dark techno of the Atmosphere stage, all tastes are catered for, you will be sure to find something to jump around to.

Even if you don’t like the music the atmosphere is amazing and you will find yourself in the party mood in no time.

Over the course of three days, I managed to visit all 16 stages, at least I think I did. The designs of the stages and pathways can leave you a little confused, couple that with a few beers and 300,000 people things can get a little blurry.

The genre at each stage seemed to vary throughout the day but the mainstage catered mainly towards the EDM and Instagram picture crowd, while Atmosphere was essentially techno.

The best way to see the artist you want is to download the Tomorrowland app and get your hands on a physical stage map.

You won’t get to see everyone you planned to see and you will definitely stumble across artists you never knew existed but that is all part of the fun.

Explore the Tomorrowland stages

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Celebrate in harmony, together as one

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Definitely check out the smaller stages. The smallest stage The rave cave holds maybe 50 people and it was one of the best at Tomorrowland.

The main stage has a capacity of about 100,000. Although I didn’t like the music, the laser and fireworks show at the closing time was incredible.

I spent most of my second-day wandering from stage to stage just seeing the incredible planning and set designs. You will quickly discover ones that you enjoy and find yourself returning to.

I would recommend going to the closing of the main stage on at least one of the nights as the fireworks, crowd atmosphere and light show are incredible.

The arena opens at 12.00pm each day and the music finishes just before 1.00 am. This gives you plenty of time to check out multiple stages and artists. The walk from Dreamville to the arena is about 20/30 minutes so I wouldn’t advise going back to the camp unless you are really tired.

Tomorrowland Daybreak sessions

The mainstage usually opens with a three hour set from a big name DJ, this is known as the daybreak sessions. Following this most sets are between 1 and 2 hours. The main stage is the first stage you will see as you enter the main arena from the camping grounds.

The Gathering

One huge benefit of camping is taking part in the gathering. This takes place on Thursday in the Dreamville campsite. Beginning at 2.00 pm this is the perfect opportunity to get the party started for the weekend.

We got to see Netsky, Armin van Buren and Lost frequencies as special guests which were pretty decent.

Don’t go too overboard at the gathering though as you will have a few more days of heavy partying to get through.

Tomorrowland facilities

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TOMORROWLAND ❤️❤️❤️ WOW!! I am absolutely blown away by how completely perfect of a festival experience this was. Everything from the epic electronic music lineup, beautiful stage production, global atmosphere, delicious food, camping with the @busabout.official squad in the “Friendship Garden” in Dreamville, easy cashless payment system, clean bathrooms, and the meticulous attention to detail make Tomorrowland easily one of the best and most unique festivals in the world. . . I actually attended once in 2012 for only one day, and I was thoroughly impressed back then — but they’ve truly perfected the festival game for their 2018 edition. It certainly lives up to the all the hype, and it was definitely the perfect experience to end my summer travels in Europe. I have sooo many more photos to post, but I’ve just been too tired / exploring Brugge, Belgium to really sit down and go through all of them, lol. But I’ll be posting tons more over the next few weeks. . . I want to give the biggest shoutout to all of the @busabout.official Tomorrowland guides for being so incredibly helpful, fun, and down to earth. I’ve never been to a festival with a travel company before, but it really made a big difference for me (especially as a solo traveler in Europe). I danced, camped, and partied with so many awesome people, and I look forward to our travel / festival paths to cross again! . . 📸 I took this photo at the main stage during Hardwell’s closing set. His set was tons of fun, and the production was seriously jaw dropping! 😍🔥💥

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One thing that there is an abundance of throughout the arena and campsites are an endless supply of facilities ranging from food to merchandise stores, showers and toilets. Everything is within a short distance walk.

We were lucky with the weather and our camping location. We had lockers, charging stations showers etc within a few meters of our tents.

Outdoor showers are provided but to skip the ques and in case the weather is bad you have the option of paying for indoor showers. This is a great call if you have a few extra pearls to use on Monday morning.

Tomorrowland food

Although I tend not to eat a whole lot at festivals, it’s hard not to grab a bite at Tomorrowland, the food is amazing. There is food from all over the world, it’s pretty fresh and it comes fast.

Check out any reviews or ask someone about the food and I would be very surprised if you heard a complaint.

Most of the stands will be grouped together throughout the camps and arena making life all the easier.

In the campsites, you will also find BBQ areas where you can cook your own food. They were busy at times but with a little patience, you can get your own meals ready.

Tomorrowland Toilets, showers and bathrooms

I am happy to say that the facilities in Tomorrowland were some of the cleanest I have seen at any festival especially when you think of the numbers involved.

The campgrounds had outdoor and indoor showers, relatively clean toilets, sinks with mirrors and for the most part plenty of toilet roll.

There were cubicles throughout the arena and refreshing stations with deodorant which was complimentary, a nice touch especially on the Sunday.

Safety and Security in Tomorrowland

I saw little to no police presence during Tomorrowland, however, I am sure they were around, the same goes for Security.

Everything is so relaxed and well organised I guess they don’t see much chance of anything bad happening.

There were reports of people going through tents stealing phones etc but they were caught and handed over to the police.


If you are going to be doing drugs avail of opportunities to have them tested and try to only buy off of people you know and trust.

Sniffer dogs will be at some entrances and around the areas. I am not sure of the penalty of getting caught but I’m pretty sure you will have to leave the venue which will suck.

There are lockers in the campsite. If you have valuables with you, use them.

Share as they are quite big and can easily hold a laptop and passports etc.

Make sure to drink water especially if you do decide to take some illegal substances. Its drinkable straight from the taps and they can be found all over Tomorrowland.

The Tomorrowland guide packing list

Tomorrowland provides almost everything that you need, so if you are travelling far I would recommend packing as light as possible. But of course, there are always some essentials that you need.

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Money and bank cards
  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty
  • Costumes more on that below
  • A good camera and phone
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Tent (If you don’t get one from Tomorrowland.)
  • Sleeping bag
  • A marquee if you are in a large group
  • Sunblock
  • Raincoat

There are a number of supermarkets on the outskirts of the arena in case you want to save money. We took a number of trips over the weekend to the nearby stores to grab food and drinks as it was much cheaper than inside Tomorrowland.

Carrefour, Molenstraat 83 is the closest to Dreamville. It can get quite busy in the mornings so try to stock up on the first day.

The Tomorrowland guide to people

Solo at Tomorrowland
Solo partying at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland costumes and outfits

Dressing up for Tomorrowland is not something I considered when I went in 2018. For electronic festivals in Europe, it is not that popular although that very much depends on the festival.

Americans and Asians definitely seem to enjoy making and buying costumes for Tomorrowland and a lot of this will be based on the theme of the year. For example, 2018 was the story of Planxis so there was a lot of underwater themed costumes.

Europeans seem to wear the generic superhero and cartoon character costumes more for the novelty than for the party.

I would suggest bringing your country flag or something identifiable. It’s a great conversation starter and it can be a bit of fun for everyone involved.

Totem poles are also incredibly popular and you will find funny and ingenious posters and totems throughout the festival.

Travelling Solo

No problem, it wasn’t my first solo festival but it was the best. I went to in 2018 and it was easily the best decision. You have the freedom to ditch shitty people, you don’t have to wait on anyone and you make your own schedule. That being said having a group is always more fun. There are a few things you can do to find people.

  • Look for your countries flag. Its always easier to approach your own kind.
  • Arrive a few days early and check into a hostel. I’m certain you will find people on their way to Tomorrowland that’s how I ended up with a group of Argentinian guys.
  • Talk to your neighbours. If you still haven’t found a group beforehand, talk to your neighbours, everyone is super friendly.

Should you choose Week 1 or Week 2

This is a very recent problem for people attending Tomorrowland. Before it was just one week but as it has grown so huge people face this dilemma. I honestly don’t think it really matters.

Both weekends are going to be amazing. Just try to avoid youtube and your friend’s social media should they be attending the first weekend.

For me, the week 2 lineup was far better than week 1 but of course, this is up to your personal choice.

Tomorrowland Tips:

Solo travel in Tomorrowland
A first timer at Tomorrowland
  • Avail of the transport discounts provided by Tomorrowland for those attending the festival. This includes trains, some buses and the shuttle services around the festival. It will save you time and money on the days you are travelling and help out the transport person during the week.
  • Keep your eye out for the mobile DJ booth which travels around the arena during the festival.
  • If you have the energy go and watch the trumpet band as they make their way through Dreamville each morning waking festival-goers to the day’s events.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat during the day.
  • Download the Tomorrowland App it was one of the most useful things over the weekend
  • Carry a battery pack with you at all times. It makes picture taking and contacting people much easier.
  • Buy your merchandise when you are leaving the festival. You don’t want to spend all that money and then lose your new purchases.

Other activities in Tomorrowland

For the most part, everyone is there for the music but if you need a break away from the dance-floor there are a ton of options to keep you busy.

  • Get a Tattoo. These guys were flat out over the course of the weekend branding people with the Tomorrowland logo
  • take a ride on the Park rides. The Ferris wheel gives you an amazing view of the events below.
  • Dine out in one of the amazing restaurants.
  • Take a dip in the Jacuzzi if you can locate it, I didn’t have such luck.
  • Try your hand a DJing, there were some Opportunities at smaller stages and bars in an arena.

Tomorrowland money-saving tips

On the first day only top up your pearls by a small amount and see how your spending goes, then you can plan for the next few days.

Buy food and drinks before the festival, you can bring in an endless supply once there is no glass, fireworks etc.

Pre-drink in the campsite and minimize the amount you consume in the arena area.

Have bottle caps, your not allowed bottles with caps inside the arena meaning you have to keep buying new bottles. With the caps, you can just refill old bottles.

Final Thoughts on Tomorrowland

The weekend cost me just under €1000 including tickets. I could have saved more but I wanted to enjoy myself and not worry about money and to be honest, I thought I would have spent more.

Don’t skimp out when you are there, it truly is an incredible experience and worth the money. I hope my information and tips were of some use. If you liked this Tomorrowland guide please share with your friends or pin for later.

The first-timers Tomorrowland festival guide is packed with all the information you need for an epic weekend in Belgium. Learn about the Tomorrowland Tattoos, light shows, epic stages and amazing music. My guide will help you choose the weekend you should go and what outfit to wear. Pick the EDM stage or the Techno stage and you are sure to have a good time. Get inspiration from the people, designs and music of Tomorrowland #tomorrowland #festivals #belgium
The first timers Tomorrowland festival guide is packed with all the information you need for an epic weekend in Belgium. Learn about the Tomorrowland Tattoos, light shows, epic stages and amazing music. My guide will help you choose the weekend you should go and what outfit to wear. Pick the EDM stage or the Techno stage and you are sure to have a good time. Get inspiration from the people, designs and music of Tomorrowland #tomorrowland #festivals #belgium
The first timers Tomorrowland festival guide is packed with all the information you need for an epic weekend in Belgium. Learn about the Tomorrowland Tattoos, light shows, epic stages and amazing music. My guide will help you choose the weekend you should go and what outfit to wear. Pick the EDM stage or the Techno stage and you are sure to have a good time. Get inspiration from the people, designs and music of Tomorrowland #tomorrowland #festivals #belgium