Two days in Dublin and what you can do

Two days in Dublin

Two days in Dublin might not seem like a whole lot of time, but with the right Dublin Itinerary, this is just enough time to see quite a bit of the city. Dublin city is full of history, culture and what many locals refer to as the craic. This is for those backpacking or on a longer holiday.

Both locals and foreign visitors to Dublin can enjoy everything that is in this article for two days in Dublin. If you have little more time you can easily spread this over three or four days for a more leisurely time in Dublin.

Two days in Dublin is ideal for those who want to explore a taste of what Ireland has to offer, but who don’t have enough time to venture into the country. In future posts, I will detail things to do outside of Dublin, but for now, I will focus on what you can do in Dublin in just two days.

This Dublin itinerary will include, historical, cultural and scenic areas along with some places in which you can enjoy the craic. For things to do in Kildare and Wicklow check out the posts.

Two days in Dublin and what you can do

National Museum of Ireland:

Two days in Dublin
National Museum of Ireland

Most people knew that Ireland’s past is associated with turbulent times. Dublin being the capital was especially important in many of the events in Irish history and the National Museum of Ireland, located in Collins Barracks, is one of the best museums in which you can learn about these periods in Irish history.

No Dublin itinerary should be complete without at least a mention of Collins barracks and some of the exhibits which are on display.

The National Museum is a 20-minute walk from O’Connell Street in Dublin or you can also take the Luas red line which will drop you directly outside the gates of the Museum. If you would like to walk simply follow the Luas line or ask a local.

Otherwise, it can be easily found within walking distance of the Guinness storehouse and Hueston station. Its proximity to the city and other attractions make it an ideal stop during your two days in Dublin.

The most important exhibit for most Irish people is named, Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising, this is a great source of information for both Irish people and visitors. This exhibit has detailed information on the independence movement in Ireland at the turn of the century. The exhibit contains some of the most important artefacts from this period including weapons, uniforms, information pamphlets along with much more.

There are other exhibits about ancient art and Irelands role in peacekeeping missions.

The museum is completely free and open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm and on Sundays from 2pm-5pm. You can find more information about the museum here.

The Guinness Storehouse:

Two days in Dublin
Guinness Storehouse

Located on the opposite side of the river Liffey from the National Museum, a visit to the Guinness storehouse can be completed on the same day. The storehouse will already be on most people’s Dublin itinerary as it is one of the most visited attractions in Ireland.

A visit to the storehouse is a quite easy affair as the tours are self-guided and you get to learn about the history of the famous stout and its influence on Irish culture around the world. Tickets are €18.50 for students and adults and slightly cheaper for children.

The storehouse contains the museum’s exhibits, restaurants, a souvenir shop and the Gravity bar. This bar provides what will probably be the best view you get of Dublin. A complimentary Guinness is provided for those who are of legal age and not part of a tour.

This is definitely a great way to taste some Irish culture and have a little fun learning about one of the most famous drinks in the world.


Two days in Dublin

Howth is the perfect getaway from the city of Dublin. A beautiful beachside town that can show you some of the wild nature of Ireland. Howth is perfect for those who wish to experience some nature, but who may only be in Dublin for a few short days.

I would recommend coming here either in the early morning or late in the evening. This way you will avoid the crowds and you may catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset on the water.

You can reach Howth from Heuston, Pearse, Tara Street, Connolly and Docklands stations and the journey takes around 40 minutes.

The best activities to get up to include a walk along the shore, getting some fish and chips and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area. In fine weather and during the holidays expect to see groups of children exploring the area.

This is truly a beautiful part of County Dublin and a welcome break from the city. Many visitors come here wishing they could extend their two days in Dublin.

Take a walk down Grafton street

Two days in Dublin
Grafton street

Grafton street is Irelands main shopping street although you will find plenty of shopping throughout the city. This though is the best place to look for more high-end shopping and it is also a lovely walk between the stunning Trinity College and St. Stephens Green.

You can start at either end of the street as it is quite a short wall and you will find yourself here more than once during your two days in Dublin. Some of the sights you might be able to see are the already mentioned college and green but also the Molly Malone statue.

There are some incredible buskers and street performers here, especially during the summer, so make sure you take your time and enjoy some for the shows.

You can find a host of stores selling souvenirs, clothes, and some tasty food. Don’t forget to look up as well and see some of the stunning Georgian architecture on display. The street is pedestrianized so no need to worry about walking in the street. Afterwards, you can wander through the Green and discover the beautiful artistic busts hidden throughout the park and learn of its use during the 1916 rebellion. You should definitely plan on losing a few hours of your time in Dublin in this part of the city.

The Phoenix Park

Two days in Dublin
Áras an Uachtaráin

If your Dublin itinerary is a little too packed and you have no time to escape to Howth or other areas in Dublin, then the Phoenix park should fulfil your outdoor needs.

Phoenix Park is one of the largest walled parks in Europe and is home to Dublin Zoo, a herd of wild deer and the home of the President’s, known as Áras an Uachtaráin. Some visitor to Dublin has been lucky enough to spot him walking around the park on occasion.

One of the best things though in the Phoenix Park is to discover some of the wild deer. Although wild they are not afraid of humans you good try refrains from feeding them. A few hours here, especially with those travelling with your children is the perfect way to spend the evening. There are plenty of walking paths, play areas, and open spaces to enjoy a picnic.

If you want to see some exotic animals, then the Zoo is also ideal although it can quite busy during the summer months. It may be possible to buy a ticket in advance, these cost €18 for adults and €13.50 for children. The Zoo is quite large though and may not be ideal for those with only two days in Dublin.

Dublin at night

Two days in Ddublin
Dublin by night

Dublin is famous for its nightlife, especially around the tourist area of Temple Bar. But for those who want to get the most out of their time in Dublin, I would try to avoid this area if you only have a few days to visit. You will easily get caught up in the fun and festivities and this might ruin your chances for the rest of your stay. There are a few good alternatives though if you want some music and culture.

The already mentioned Grafton street has quite a few performers on late into the evening, especially during the summer. Some alternatives would also be the Gaiety and Abbey theatre which regularly play shows which showcase Irish culture and history. It is definitely a good alternative to the bar scenes of Ireland, which you can explore at your own leisure at any other time.

You will have to check out the theatre pages to see what shows are on, though it will be quite easy to book in advance.

Two days in Dublin-Final thoughts

The group of places to visit and activities to do are just some of the many things that you can do in two days in Ireland. Each should only take a few hours and still leave you with plenty of time to grab some food and see other sights.

Dublin is an extraordinary city and there are countless lists of things which you can do in Dublin. I hope my two days in Dublin doesn’t seem overwhelming, as remember you can always come back and visit again which many people find themselves doing year after year.

If you would like to see areas outside of Dublin please check out some of my other posts or for free alternatives in Dublin here.

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